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An insufficient number of owners cast ballots to have an election of directors at the annual meeting held on November 8, 2017. A majority of the members in attendance voted to adjourn the meeting and reconvene on December 6, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. at the Association’s offices located at 7101 Charleston Shores Blvd. to allow more to participate. If you have already voted, you need not do anything; properly completed and returned ballots will be counted at the reconvened meeting. Those who have not yet voted may either mail in the official ballot which had been previously mailed to them or may stop in the office to sign for a new one. Only owners will be given a ballot. The completed ballot must be placed inside an envelope with no markings which then must be placed inside another envelope and delivered to the office before or at the December 6 meeting. The outer envelope must identify the voting owner, indicate the lot number and be signed by the voting owner.


Laurie Baker from SWA reported:*****HURRICANE IRMA*****

We are under a declaration of emergency.  FEMA is here to help us with the vegetation, construction, and mixed debris.  They have set up 7 sites throughout Palm Beach County.  Trucks will be coming in soon to assist in the clean-up but this process could continue for 6 weeks.  Please separate items by vegetation, construction, and mixed debris.  Recycling is on schedule.  Beginning next Wednesday, September 20, small bags will be picked up by SWA. 


Thanks and for more information go to

xfinity letter


If you are experiencing difficulties with your installation, please send an email to the address below describing your situation.  Include your address either in the subject line or body of the message.

Appropriate messages will be forwarded to our community’s XFINITY support team.

If you have been billed for an installation that took place after June 1st of this year, you are due a bill credit and can request one by calling XFINITY and speaking to a billing representative.



For release: Sept. 11, 2017
Contact: Willie Puz, Public Affairs and Recycling, 561-640-8914 (o); 561-379-2405 (c)

With the storm now passed, most Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County collection facilities will be open and accepting waste. Garbage collection will resume in unincorporated parts of the county as of 6 a.m. Tuesday (Sept 12).

However, recycling collection and vegetation collection WILL NOT resume as normal. The SWA's Recovered Materials Processing Facility is without power and cannot process any recyclables that come in. The SWA will advise the public and the haulers when we are able to receive recyclables. So that means garbage only collection until further notice.

The SWA's transfer stations, the landfill and the waste-to-energy facilities will be open regular business hours tomorrow, Sept. 12. Municipalities are advised to seek the advice of their debris management consultants prior to delivering vegetation/storm debris to the SWA's facilities, as doing so may complicate FEMA reimbursement.

The SWA is in the process of setting up Temporary Debris Management Sites for the receipt and processing of storm debris for municipalities and debris contractors. These sites are not available to the general public. The SWA will provide regular updates on the status of the opening of these sites.

All residents can help by placing their waste and debris in three separate piles at the curb:
1.    Put garbage and recyclables out by 6 a.m. on your regularly scheduled day. These will be picked up first.
2.    Put all vegetation only in a second pile.
3.    And, put all other construction storm debris in a third pile.

Be sure to keep these three piles separate and away from:
•         Fences
•         Mailboxes
•         Power line equipment, poles, transformers, downed electrical wiring
•         Water meters
•         Fire hydrants or
•         Storm drains

There is no rush for residents to get all their storm debris to the curb. Debris collection vehicles will begin collecting debris later this week and will make multiple passes until all debris is picked up. The SWA urges all residents to be patient. It may be weeks before the first collection of vegetation and construction storm debris reaches everyone. Visit for more information.

NOTE: There will be no reimbursement provided to any individual resident or homeowner association who hires a private contractor to remove and dispose of their vegetation and construction storm-related debris.

Please fill out in its entirety.  We are collecting information to send out blast emails.  Thank  you!

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