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Click here to download Bulk Cable TV Proposal Materials



Proposed Cable Bulk Services Agreements for Lake Charleston – FAQs

What is the door fee?

The door fee is a one-time payment made BY Comcast TO Lake Charleston.  This payment could be used in several ways, as a one-time rebate to homeowners in year one of the agreement, as a several year rebate to homeowners over some period of the agreement or as a yearly rebate to homeowners in each year of the agreement.  The payment also could be used in some other way to benefit the community.  The decision on how to use the door fee, in all probability, would be made as part of the budgeting process for Fiscal Year 2017.

Why do the proposals include internet?

Approximately 2/3’s of the homes in the community currently using Comcast as their cable television provider have upgraded their service to include internet.  Overall, a minimum of 85% of the homes in the community receive internet service in some form.  The survey conducted earlier in this process indicated that 79% of the community was either very (55%) or somewhat (24%) interested in adding internet service to the basic cable television service that is provided to the community if it was offered at a competitive or discounted rate.

What are we currently paying?

The current rate is $27.47 per month per household including taxes so $82.41 of each household’s quarterly payment of $240 goes toward cable.

The proposals include a 3% annual increase.  Does the current contract have that provision?

The current contact called for prices of $21.95 per month in year three, $23.25 per month in year four and $24.25 per month in year five.  Those figures equate to a 6% increase from year three to year four and a 4.3% increase from year four to year five.

What is Fiber to the Home?

This will be discussed in more detail at the upcoming meeting.  Fiber to the Home means that the entire wiring infrastructure within Lake Charleston delivering the services provided by the contract would be upgraded to fiber optic cable all the way to each home, not just to the various nodes within the community that service groups of homes.  This allows for enhanced reliability of service as well as the ability to provide faster internet speeds in the future as they become available.




The PBC Property Appraiser is a constitutional officer and is by law required to annually value all real property, including recent construction, within the County's boundaries.  Under section 193.023(2) and (3), Florida States, the Property Appriaser is required to inspect all real property in order to fulfill this duty in deriving the market and assessed values of your property.    Your cooperation in allowing our deputies to inspect the exterior of your property assists the Property Appraiser's Office in seeing that all real property is assessed at no more than its fair market value.     Please allow the Property Appraiser's deputy onto your property.  Thank you.


 The lake levels are very low.  Even though the County has not yet decreased the number of days for watering your lawn, it would be proactive and prudent to do so. Thank you





To All Homeowners:

February 11, 2016 Amendments Special Meeting

The following Amendments were passed:

Article XIV, prohibiting new purchasers from renting for a year from the date of purchase, allowing a minimum of one year leases in an attempt to limit the transient environment that results when Lots are purchased for investment and leasing, and prohibiting Sexual Predators and Felons who were convicted of a felony that  involved violence or use of a deadly weapon to occupy a Lot or reside in the community.


 Article VI, Section 8: Grants the Association the ability to collect from Investors and other purchasers that acquire their homes at mortgage foreclosure sales to pay assessments that come due prior to their acquisition of title including the unpaid assessments that are owed from the prior homeowner. 








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